Historic Occoquan Historic Town

About this Month's Masthead 

In celebration of Spring in Occoquan, the masthead for this season is devoted to -

  • A view pointing to Historic Occoquan
  • A few of the wildlife found in Historic Occoquan
  • Some of the shops located in town such as
    • The Golden Goose, which closed last February when it's owners retired.
    • Personally Yours, full of seasonal items and home decor
    • Spinaweb, containing weaved material and items from the best weavers that I've ever met
    •  Glory Be, full of antiques, and all kinds of American treasures
    • The Miss Rivershore boat that provides rides on the Occoquan River and beyond and
    • Madigan's Waterfront Restaurant, the largest restaurant in Historic Occoquan.








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