Historic Occoquan Historic Town

2014 Spring Occoquan Arts and Crafts Show Participants

The Spring 2014 Craft Show includes Local Merchants, Crafters, Food, Commercial and music and the information listed below is subject to last minute changes. 

A breakout of what you can find is included in a Summary located at the bottom of this page.

The Coffee House of Occoquan will once again be hosting live bands during the craft show. 

The activities start on Saturday, June 7 at 10:00 AM.

To find the the Town of Occoquan where the Craft Show is hosted, a map is available below from which you can obtain driving directions.  Please remember that during the Craft Show the streets in the Town of Occoquan are CLOSED.

Parking is only available at remote lots and more information on that is available in the Directions and Parking Information Page

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Local Merchants

To help locate a specific merchant, listings are provided in alphabetical.  Locations are indicated by street initial and booth number on that street.  Street initials are:

C - Commerce Street
E - Ellicott Street
M - Mill Street
U - Union Street
W - Washington Street


Shop Name Location Category
Art a la Carte  M-171-170 art
Artaville Oriental Rugs M-104 rugs
Artists' Undertaking Gallery M-081 fine art and crafts
Art Den M-020 art
Bottle Stop Wine Bar & Eatery M-082 wine
Center Stage LLC M-023 dance supplies
Cock and Bowl U-012 food
Details of Occoquan M-192 ladies apparel
Executive Improvements, LLC M-101 other
Fetch Pet Bakery LLC M-073 dog products
Glory Be M-074 antiques
Joy of Being, LLC M-027 merchant
Madigan's Waterfront M-029-030 food
Mill St. Studio M-143 art
MJ's Ice Cream-n-More M-072 food
Nola Rose Revisited C-010 merchant
Occoquan Vapor Shop M-180 e-cigarettes
Personally Yours M-173 folk art
Pink Bicycle C-014 food
Polka Dot Divas M-100 gifts
Puzzle Palooza Etc M-146 puzzles
Quinn's Goldsmith U-051 jewelry
Riverside Coffee Shop U-045 food
So Bohemian M-167 ladies apparel
Sugar Buzz M-098 food
Tastefully Yours M-151 café
The DiaperCake Bear C-020 baby items
The Secret Jewelry Garden U-002 jewelry
Touch of Gold W-007 jewelry


To help locate a specific artist or crafter, listings are provided in alphabetical.  Locations are indicated by street initial and booth number on that street.  Street initials are:

C - Commerce Street
E - Ellicott Street
M - Mill Street
U - Union Street
W - Washington Street

Shop Name Location Category
"The Dudes" Pant-Planters M-009 planters
A Little Unique W-008 pet products
AB Hunter M-209-210-211 wood
All Beaded Up W-004-005 jewelry
Ambrosia Candies W-001 prepackaged food
Angela Psychic Reader M-165 palm & card readings
Anne Wooster Impressions M-065 art
Armine's Designs M-219 accessories
Artifactual Adornments U-046 jewelry
Attitudes U-007-008 clothing
Bakery Belles M-185 clay doll
Barrel Art M-018 furniture & home décor
Beautifully Beaded M-140 jewelry
Betty's Tropical Design M-162 clothing
Beyond the Glitter W-018 jewelry
Bob's Brass U-013 jewelry
Buttermilk Hill M-181 wood
Candie's Best M-163 knitting
Capital Art Gallery M-085 art
Caribbean Crystals M-096 bath salts
Celestial Design M-201 art
Chelsea Market Designs W-015 jewelry
Chloe Lia W-019 hair accessories
Cole, Jerry M-227 metal
Colors of the Sea M-174 jewelry
Craft Special M-057 children's items
Custom Clayz M-108 pottery
D and B Jewelry U-005 jewelry
Daniel Nie M-186 art
Davis, Hall M-077 art
Deedee Desserts M-056 prepackaged food
Dee's Dips M-183 prepackaged food
Design by Canary LLC U-037 art
Designs by Gerry M-225 window art
Designs in Gold W-013 jewelry
DIY Floral Creations U-014 floral
Dragonhand Designs U-010 jewelry
Dzyns by Lisa M-086 jewelry
Earlusion M-062 jewelry
Earthkissed and Sunsplashed M-229 weaving
Especially for You W-010 photography
Evelyn Michele Designs M-016-017 jewelry
Exclusives U-047 jewelry
Expression in Art M-060-061 framed tapestries
EZ Hang Chairs M-190 chairs
Firehouse Antiques M-207-208 antiques
Frannie Phillips M-071 sea glass
Fresh Batch Jams M-232 jams
Gail's Wearables M-175-176 clothing
Georgene Novak Jewelry Designs M-019 jewelry
Glass Creations M-078 glass
Good Time Learning M-224 children's items
Got Ya Covered M-196 checkbook covers
Gourmet Creations M-015 prepackaged food
Great Harvest Bread Co. M-205 bakery
HB Woodworks, LLC M-223 pens  
Heartfelt U-044 wood
Holly Beach Woodworker M-076 wood
Holly Lane Designs M-037 jewelry
Hudson River Inlay M-038 wood
Hunt Country Iron M-156 metal
It's a Bling Thing M-013-014 clothing
Jackie Ford Designs M-054 jewelry
Jeanne Scannell M-217 clothing
Jeanne Storeim U-050 glass
Jeannie Oh M-063 pottery
Jen Eva Accents "The Fun Stuff Earrings" M-105 jewelry
Jesby Scarves U-017 scarves
JL Demmi, Inc. M-007 jewelry
Kamarelo Designs U-035 jewelry
Keepsake Images M-021 mats and frames
Kirk Enterprises M-212-213-214 quilts
Lakonia Greek Products M-058 prepackaged food
Lilly's Allure U-003 leather jewelry
Little House Candles M-069 candles
Master Craft M-031 glass
Mena Botanicals M-158 soaps
Michalene's Goat Milk Soap M-187 goat's milk soap
Motherbored M-157 jewelry
Ms Sticks M-235 walking sticks
Mudd Hook M-144 deck accessories
Nature's Artistry M-093 jewelry
Nector of the Vine M-189 wine mixes
One of a Kind Styles W-012 ladies apparel
Originals by Mare M-079 handbags
Pain Relief Magnetic Jewelry M-067-068 jewelry
Parker & Dad M-087 games
Pawrate Treasures M-012 dog treats
Peach Hill Designs M-106 floral arrangements
Persimmon Street, Ceramics That Work W-006 pottery
Pocketsize Productions U-015 pottery
Pretty Baby Naturals W-014 soaps
Prince William Art Society M-083 art
Qute Artistic Design Jewelry M-095 jewelry
ReGreen Photography M-026 photography
Retro Revival M-107 sewing
Ring Around the Tosie M-138 jewelry
Rita's Handbags M-169 handbags
River Hills Glass M-064 glass
Sarah Pedi's Pearls U-016 jewelry
Sealife Creation M-222 art sculptures
Shanes Forever Files U-006 files
Shelton Glass Works M-166 glass
Shibumi-a Silk Scarf Experience M-091-092 ladies accessories
Sid Sharples M-161 jewelry
Slates Ornate, Inc. M-008 slates
Southern Serenity Jewelry M-215 jewelry
Sparrow M-233 hand painted furniture
Stone House Mixes, LLC M-070 prepackaged food
Sue's Candlelites M-142 candles
Susan & Ray Boroughs M-226 jewelry
Sweet Illusions W-016 jewelry
Temalle Ltd U-040 baskets
The Garden Pot M-084 glass
The Herb Lady M-101-102 potpourri
The Martin Grill Gadget M-234 grill cleaner
The Ultimate Brownie M-168 jams & jellies
The Whisper Music & Native Influence U-049 entertainment
Tom Wachs Photography M-152 photography
Troy Montana Jewelry M-080 jewelry
Two Blockheads W-009 wood
Unique Magnetic Jewelry M-088-089 jewelry
Waters Woods M-153 wood
What a Seat M-075 stadium seats
Why Not Indulge M-093 prepackaged food
Wicked Buy M-149 glass
Wikiwood Naturals M-011 candles
Wildlife Plastics M-145 sculptures
Wildwood's Hickory Syrup M-147 prepackaged food
Wood Creations M-202-203 wood
Woodchucks Jewelry M-010 jewelry
Wooden It Be Nice, LLC U-004 home décor
Yard and Garden Art M-097 yard art
Yarn Chef Creations M-137 crocheted accessories
Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe M-231 prepackaged food
ZZZs Creations U-043 jewelry



To help locate a specific food vendor, listings are provided in alphabetical.  Locations are indicated by street initial and booth number on that street.  Street initials are:

C - Commerce Street
E - Ellicott Street
M - Mill Street
U - Union Street
W - Washington Street

Shop Name Location
Bunny & the Bear M-028
Cherokee Cuisine M-044-045
Fired Up Pizza LLC M-123
Fruit-n-Ice M-053
Iman Festival M-046-047
Islands Smoothies & Coffee M-122
Kara's Grill M-126-127
Mali's Kitchen M-117
N.C. Ribs on Wheels, LLC M-114
Paulie's Italian Ice M-198
Sherri's Crab Cakes M-043
Southern Style Tea & Donut Co. M-111-112
SLL Roasted Corn M-048
Thai Thai M-050
The Old-Fashioned Kettle Korn Company M-041
Wild Bill's Soda M-042


To help locate a specific commercial, or "buy-sell" vendor, listings are provided in alphabetical.  Locations are indicated by street initial and booth number on that street.  Street initials are:

C - Commerce Street
E - Ellicott Street
M - Mill Street
U - Union Street
W - Washington Street

Shop Name Location Category
Action in Community Through Service (ACTS) C-016 non-profit
Air Duct Maids C-069 air duct cleaning
Alessandra Eusebi Jewelry C-012 jewelry
Allstate Super Value Agency C-007 insurance
Amazing Dresses C-017 ladies apparel
Amazing Skylights C-003 solar fans
Ameritech Construction C-043 remodeling
Aurora Lights C-025 lights
BSA Troop 1390 C-059 Boy Scouts
Innovative Spas C-026-027 spas
Kayvee International Inc. C-056 ladies apparel
Kitchen Saver C-046 kitchen remodeling
Lorton Station Town Center C-009 merchants assn
Mary Kay Cosmetics C-019 cosmetics
Mashco IMP C-040 jewelry
Massage Heights C-047 massage
Norden Arts C-062 clothing
Nu Look Home Design C-051 home remodeling
Optimist Club of Occoquan C-065 duck splash tickets
Paul Mitchell The School Woodbridge C-041 hair care
Pawrate Treasures M-012 dog treats
Personalized Gifts Virginia C--011 gifts
PWC Republican Committee C-042 literature
Prince William Home Improvement C--057 home improvements
Richard's Seagrass Hats C-068 hats
Rodan & Fields C-005 skin care
Scentsy  C-004 candles
Silpada Designs C-015 jewelry
Theany's Flags 2 C-001 flags
The Dog Eaze Inn C-048 pet care
The Home Energy Detective C-055 home energy audits
The Pampered Chef C-021 kitchen products
Trillium Drop-In Center C-013 jewelry and art
Tropical Breeze C-045 clothing
Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association C-053 non-profit



Music will be at the Coffee House of Occoquan
(Across from the Bus Stop at Washington and Commerce)

June 2014 Summary of
What you can find at the Craft Show

June 2014 Summary of What you can find at the Craft Show Included below is a breakout of the type of items being provided by the various crafters, local merchants, commercial vendors, or food vendors.

Category Quantity Percentage
accessories 1 0.5%
air duct cleaning 1 0.5%
antiques 2 0.9%
art 10 4.6%
art sculptures 1 0.5%
baby items 1 0.5%
bakery 1 0.5%
baskets 1 0.5%
bath salts 1 0.5%
Boy Scouts 1 0.5%
café 1 0.5%
candles 4 1.9%
chairs 1 0.5%
checkbook covers 1 0.5%
children's items 2 0.9%
clay doll 1 0.5%
clothing 7 3.2%
cosmetics 1 0.5%
crocheted accessories 1 0.5%
dance supplies 1 0.5%
deck accessories 1 0.5%
dog products 1 0.5%
dog treats 2 0.9%
duck splash tickets 1 0.5%
e-cigarettes 1 0.5%
entertainment 1 0.5%
files 1 0.5%
fine art and crafts 1 0.5%
flags 1 0.5%
floral 1 0.5%
floral arrangements 1 0.5%
folk art 1 0.5%
food 22 10.2%
framed tapestries 1 0.5%
furniture & home décor 1 0.5%
games 1 0.5%
gifts 2 0.9%
glass 7 3.2%
goat's milk soap 1 0.5%
grill cleaner 1 0.5%
hair accessories 1 0.5%
hair care 1 0.5%
handbags 2 0.9%
hand painted furniture 1 0.5%
hats 1 0.5%
home décor 1 0.5%
home energy audits 1 0.5%
home improvements 1 0.5%
home remodeling 1 0.5%
insurance 1 0.5%
jams 1 0.5%
jams & jellies 1 0.5%
jewelry 40 18.5%
jewelry and art 1 0.5%
kitchen products 1 0.5%
kitchen remodeling 1 0.5%
knitting 1 0.5%
ladies accessories 1 0.5%
ladies apparel 5 2.3%
leather jewelry 1 0.5%
lights 1 0.5%
literature 1 0.5%
massage 1 0.5%
mats and frames 1 0.5%
merchant 2 0.9%
merchants assn 1 0.5%
metal 2 0.9%
non-profit 2 0.9%
other 1 0.5%
palm & card readings 1 0.5%
pens   1 0.5%
pet care 1 0.5%
pet products 1 0.5%
photography 3 1.4%
planters 1 0.5%
potpourri 1 0.5%
pottery 4 1.9%
prepackaged food 9 4.2%
puzzles 1 0.5%
quilts 1 0.5%
remodeling 1 0.5%
rugs 1 0.5%
scarves 1 0.5%
sculptures 1 0.5%
sea glass 1 0.5%
sewing 1 0.5%
skin care 1 0.5%
slates 1 0.5%
soaps 2 0.9%
solar fans 1 0.5%
spas 1 0.5%
stadium seats 1 0.5%
walking sticks 1 0.5%
weaving 1 0.5%
window art 1 0.5%
wine 1 0.5%
wine mixes 1 0.5%
wood 8 3.7%
yard art 1 0.5%
Total 216 100.0%