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Historic Events in the Town of Occoquan

While there is little content right now, this page is devoted to the history that makes the Town of Occoquan what it is today.  If you have stories or pictures of events that occurred in the town, simply SEND TO WEBMASTER and the information will be reviewed for inclusion on the web pages here so they can be shared with the world.

Events in 2013

Lemonade Yard Sale
Halloween Parade

Events in 2011

2011 Events
Artists' Undertaking Exhibit "Lighthouses in Two Dimensions"
The Farmer's Market
The Art Walk
The Occoquan Spring Arts & Crafts Show
The Duck Splash
River Festival

Events in 2010


Events in 2009


Santa came to Town
Artists' Undertaking Exhibit "Gifted – A Group Show"
The Curious Events of November 20, 2009
Harvest Parade and Children's Festival
The Parade
Face Painting, Petting Zoo, Merchants, & the Quest
Occoquan on All Hallows Eve
The Pie Toss

My Bodyoga Concert
Occoquan Art Walk 
A Trolley Car in Occoquan
The Ebenezer Bake Sale
The Farmer's Market
The Artists' Undertaking
The Prince William Art Society Wine and Cheese Event
Occoquan River Festival
Mamie Davis Park
 Carefree Boat Club's launch of National Boating Safety Week
Occoquan Duck Splash
Occoquan Craft Show
 Some of the participants in the Farmer's Market
 Donations of cell phones, glasses, and shredding of papers

Santa Claus Came to Town

Santa sighted coming to town Santa docking at the town wharf Closeup of Santa Santa in Mamie Davis Park The New Dominion Charoliers in front of Quinn's Goldsmith Mayor Earnie Porta with Santa

Santa at Town Hall The queue inside Town Hall A meeting with Santa Delight at meeting Santa Photos taken with Santa

Artists' Undertaking Exhibit "Gifted – A Group Show"

Exhibit photos provided by the Artists' Undertaking

Butterfly Necklace Tastee Diner Crabtacular Three Trees Candles

Business Guild Open House, Tree Lighting Event, and Late Night in Occoquan

Many of the shops were open late on the evening of November 20th, below are pictures of just a few...

Hawthorne House Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers JewelStonz Kelly's Artbox Artists' Undertaking Faith Creek Country Store

Endeavors My Bodyoga Spa The Cottage at Occoquan The Inn of Occoquan Music at the Christmas Tree lighting The Mysterious Poplar Alley

The before light-up picture Music at the event Santa Mayor Earnie Porta Claudia lighting up the tree The After light-up picture

Town Sargeant Mary Brown Hawthorne House Where Santa is Handing out Some Certificates Santa holding up a list Santa calling out names The Close up

Close-up of Santa awarding a winner Next one of 14 winners being selected Santa handed out to 14 people in attendance a total of $1400 in gift certificates Random Neural Firings providing a entertaining end for the evening at the Coffee House of Occoquan Rosemary of Random Neural Firings Jerry's of Occoquan

Jerry's Occoquan Jeweler's Close-up Several shops lit up for Christmas The Town Hall Close-up of Labella Bridal and Consignment Boutique

Harvest Parade & Children Festival

The Parade

The Occoquan Police Car leading the way Flag and Color Guard on Parade The Mayor of the Town of Occoquan and visitng dignataries Some parade participants Captain Jack Sparrow and motley crew The view of the parade down Mill Street

Taller view down Mill Street The Fall Festival Parade is full of Halloween Costumes including a pirate SuperGirl and others in front of the Occoquan Inn and Quinn's Goldsmith Alice in Wonderland, a Fairy, and a 4 legged friend Minnie Mouse and other fabulous costumes on Mill Street More costumed characters on Mill

Delegate Paul Nichols, seated, with Mayor Earnie Porta and Congressman Gerald Connolly The Heidi Und Heimat Echo Band The Heidi Und Heimat Echo Band playing while they travel on Ellicott Street The Parade with scouts turning onto Ellicott Street The Carefree Boat Club motley crew Captain Jack with his crew

Participants in the Parade A closeup of the Color Guard More of the Parade

Face Painting, Petting Zoo, Merchants, & the Quest

Captain Jack in his famous Captain Morgan pose Captain Jack with some of the parade participants Members of the Pink Bicycle Tea Shop watching the parade Artistic Halloween display in Endeavors Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers and a special deal this season The Phantom of the Opera

Kelly Campbell of Kelly's Artbox Captain Jack with Andre of Bambini's Boutique Face Painting at Glory Be Glory Be crew between face painting sessions Jane Ernst of Artists' Undertaking Gallery The Virginia Wine Store display

Pony rider Goat in the petting zoo More animals in the petting zoo A Blue Faery at Glory Be Face Painting can take some time The Famous Mamie Davis Gazebo

Occoquan on All Hallows Eve

Mysterious Picture during Occoquan Ghost Walk Mila during the Occoquan Ghost Walk Exceedingly remarkable Cemetary The Cemetary Gate Keepers The headstone at the entrance to the exceedingly remarkable cemetary Witch on her broomstick

A Zombie in the exceedingly remarkable cemetary Tombstones found in the exceedingly remarkable cemetary Fellow visitors at the cemetary An old pirate who's seen many an eve in Occoquan

Pie Toss

At the end of the Fall Festival Parade, two people who had contributed to the Prince William Chapter American Red Cross where selected at a random drawing to toss pies into the face of our Mayor.  The winners were the town's Vice Mayor, Ken Brunsvold, Delegate Paul Nichols.  While Ken was there at the event, it was decided that the town's Administrator and Clerk, Claudia Cruise would throw the pie in his place.  Below are pictures of this historic event.

One of the Pies Claudia ready to throw the pie Paul Nichols and Claudi Cruise both ready to throw their pies Mayor Earnie Porta in quest of a towel

When you click play on the flash video on the left, you can see our Mayor of Occoquan, Earnie Porta, being a good sport and taking not one, but two pies in the face to raise money for the Prince William Chapter American Red Cross' annual Heroes Campaign. 

While our Mayor's efforts helped, they still need your support.  You can still contribute to the organization that needs money, blood, and platelets.  You can access the Prince William Chapter of the American Red Cross by clicking their logo on the right to donate money or schedule a blood donation.

If you're in the mood for a movie, do what the webmaster of HistoricOccoquan.com does, donate platelets.  The Red Cross will let you watch one of the movies they have available for selection while you are donating.  You can click on the lower Red Cross logo to schedule a platelet donation.


The Prince William Chapter of the American Red Cross

American Red Cross

My Bodyoga Spa Concert

Classical Guitarist Ron Medina prior to the concert Ron standing beside his warm up act, Nick of MyBodyoga Spa Ron playing and demonstrating hand movements Ron playing and demonstrating different hand movements Ron playing while a friend sings


A Trolley Car in Occoquan

As seen on Saturday July 11, 2009 crossing by the Ebenezer Baptist Church

The Artists' Undertaking

Coffee Table Art by Lorrie Kagle Jewelry by local artist Sherry Chaples Egg Shell Carvings by Tina Kannapel Close-up of one of the Egg Shell Carvings by Tina Kannapel Cute Egg Shell Bunny Interior shot of the Artists' Undertaking showing available art and pottery

Interior shot of the Artists' Undertaking showing available jewelry and art Interior shot of the Arrtist' Undertaking showing work by David Barnes

Occoquan Art Walk

Art on display in front of Kelly's Art Box shop Artist Alice Labier and Madelyn Winslow in front of Glory Be on Mill Street Art on display at 310 Mill Street Nathalie Quiveors-Omar of Jewel Stonz and artist Ann Goodwin in front of ..Off the Beading Path Jewelry artist Ann Goodwin behind some of her creations David and Jane Ernst and the Mayor of Occoquan in the cart

Artists David and Jane Ernst Artist Kelly Campbell with some of her art during the Artwalk Jewelry artist Ann Goodwin and some of her work during the Artwalk Glass Artist Mimi Vellek displaying some of her work during the Artwalk Artist Michele Frantz creating a painting during the Artwalk


The  Prince William Art Society Wine and Cheese Event
- hosted by Roither's Frame Design Center in Occoquan

PWAS Art Scholarship Fund Raiser Art by Judy Donovan Wine & Cheese & local artists & participants attending the event Occoquan Mayor Ernie Porta & former PWAS President and local artist Alice LaBier Variety of art on display at the Wine and Cheese Event Art by Madelyn Winslow

Art by Janis McMahon

Occoquan River Festival

Musicians alongside the Coffee House of Occoquan Musicians on the Coffee House porch Historical reenactors on the warf beside's Madigans Wood Carvings in front of Village Americana Furniture Jeff Taylor and the Heart of Gold Band Wood Carvers in front of the Village Americana Furniture - www.northernvirginiacarvers.org

Historical reenactors in front of Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers Historical reenactor in front of Kelly's Artbox Musicians in front of Endeavors of Occoquan Sales available at Salt and Pepper Books Historical reenactors in front of Occoquan Town Hall

Famer's Market

The Occoquan Farmer's Market Occoquan Mayor, Earnie Porta, and residents at 1st Occoquan Farmer's Market Sun Ripe Tomatos Radishes Fresh Onions Fresh Flowers

Jackie representing the Occoquan Merchants Association Fresh Golden Honey in the morning light Farm Fresh Eggs Fresh Bread Delicious Pumpkin Bread Fresh Cucumbers

Fresh spinach Asparagus Chamomile Hondo Coffee Cheese Bread Ginger Cake

Ole Pioneer Kitchen Arugula and other items Smith Family Farm booth herbs The Official Occoquan Farmer's Market Sign Nearly Famous Vinagrette

Picture of local artist Jack Dyer painting a picture of the Occoquan Farmer's Market Fresh Radishes Lettuce straight from the farm Did someone say Salad? 


Carefree Boat Club's launch of National Boating Safety Week

The Schedule of activities offered by the Carefree Boat Club View onto the docks Boats available to Carefree Boat Club Members Boats available to Carefree Boat Club Members Emmalee Haga demonstrating the importance of weight distribution in a boat Just before a presentation by Emmalee on a larger boat

Emmalee Haga providing a safety demonstration inside Madigan's Emmalee Haga providing a boat safty lecture inside of Madigan's in Occoquan

Occoquan's Duck Splash

Rubber Ducks leaving the foot bridge Racing down the Occoquan River Close-up of the ducks Real close-up showing the ducks numbered Rubber duck with Blue Heron in the background A natural duck winner

Occoquan's Craft Show

Banner at Commerce Street and Gordon Blvd announcing the Occoquan Craft Show View down Mill Street Great Every Day Price Savings inside the Occoquan Coffee House Owner of the Occoquan Coffee House monitoring band set-ups Local Artist Kerin McBride and some of her art Stephanie of Royal Confections exhibiting some of her fudge at the show

Occoquan's Jewel Stonz booth during the craft show Occoquan's very friendly Virginia Wine Store booth during the craft show Lisa of Occoquan's Lisa Julia Photography The Long Arm of the Occoquan Town Sargeant Mary Brown The OWL Booth Beautiful antique trunks

Amazing signs available at the show Water Tours during the show Music at the Occoquan Coffee House Music at the Occoquan Coffee House Bonsai Trees available at the craft show Mill Street and Union Street

Attendees of the Occoquan Craft Show Woodbridge Dance Company exhibit during the show Commerce Street during the show Something different Rockledge Mansion open during the show Mamie Davis Park providing park environment for dining

The Ebenezer Bake Sale

Bake Sale Delicious Chocolate covered cupcakes Ruby providing service and support at the Ebenezer Bake Sale Ruby and other Volunteers at the Bake Sale Cookies! Book filled with delicious recipes

Some of the participants in the Occoquan Farmer's Market are:

Bees and Blossoms Ole Pioneer's Kitchen Smith Family Farm Grace's Pasteries Wisteria Gardens Hondo Coffee

Lunsford's Bee Farm


Lion's Club, Secure Shredding, Cell Phone donations

Lion's Club The Gentlemen assisting with secure shredding in the Ebenezer Parking Lot Cell Phone Donations

More information about the service providers above, can be found at the following sites:

Lion's Club Paper Tiger Secure ShreddingSecure the Call

The Great Flood of 2008

Some pictures of the Great Flood of 2008 which happened in Occoquan are online together with a short video.

Historic Occoquan Town Markers

Throughout the Town of Occoquan are markers that commemorate historic events.  Some of the markers are now available for you view online at the link above.  All of the markers should be online by the Ides of March.





Ducks floating on flooded board walk