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About this Month's Masthead 

In celebration of All Hallows Eve, the masthead this month is devoted to merchant shops that town lore reports as being haunted together with pictures of some vultures that visited the town on one dark and foreboding day.  The center picture is of a tombstone currently stored in the Mill House Museum and available for viewing by any souls brave enough to venture forth.

Picture descriptions of the shops going from left to right

  • The Well in the Courtyard
    The town well was located in the Courtyard at 201 Union Street. It has been said that a spirit likes it to be very quite in the courtyard. So much so, that sources of sound are soon silenced.  Behind the well is the local Ice Cream Parlor.
  • The Funeral Parlor
    309 Mill Street hosts several shops now, but originally is was a funeral parlor.  It has been reported by reliable sources that mysterious footsteps can be heard walking the floor when no one is there.
  • The Old General Store
    313 Mill Street is reported to have been built from stones brought from England and used as ballast with the originally family living upstairs.  Some have reported to have found dark footprints appearing inside the building and voices have been heard whispering.  Others have reported that merchandise has been moved during the night.
  • D’Roccos An Italian Joint
    There are stories that the last Occoquan Indian can be seen reflected in an upstairs mirror.  One of the links to the right has a picture.
  • The Tombstone
    Unearthed by workmen excavating for bulkhead along the Occoquan River behind what is now Madigan's Waterfront Restaurant, and now located inside the Mill Street Museum, this tombstone dated 1893 is reported to be unnaturally cold to the touch.  It has been said that it sometimes leaves a chill on whoever is brave enough to touch it.
  • Rockledge Mansion
    The ghost of a Confederate Soldier is reported to haunt the mansion.
  • Leary's Lumber and Hardware Store
    302 Mill Street, former home of the Golden Goose, has been said to have a poltergeist that shows up at an old sales counter that can be seen from the front window, but only after regular business hours.
  • 307 Mill Street
    A flickering light is reported to be seen in the windows of what is now Brambles in the early morning hours as what appears to be a female spirit holding a candle moves through the shop.
  •  206 Mill Street
    A poltergeist named Charlotte is said roam the premises at night and to rearrange items to her liking.  Many have reported to have felt her presence, or sudden cold spots, in some of the rooms during the day.
  • 204 Washington Street
    Several different poltergeists are said to haunt this shop. It is said that sometimes they will make their presence known during the day.



















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