Historic Occoquan Historic Town

About this Month's Masthead 

In celebration of the Holiday Season in Occoquan, the masthead this month is devoted to some scenes in the town shot during previous holidays.

Picture descriptions of the shops going from left to right

  • A view up Mill Street
    Taken in front of Details, a popular ladies specialty boutique offering personalized customer service and clothing in sizes from 2 to 22!
  • Town of Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta
    Mayor Porta is shown standing in front of the much decorated and lighted tree located in front of Town Hall immediately after the annual tree lighting ceremony.
  • Corner of Union and Mill Streets
    Carolers are an annual experience in town and they usually can be found somewhere.  In this picture, they showed up above Quinn's Goldsmith.
  • The Business Guild of Occoquan Holiday Open House Gift Certificate Drawing
    This annual holiday event happens in front of Hawthorne House on Mill Street in the heart of Historic Occoquan and always attracts a friendly crowd of people.
  • The Lighted Tree
    A close up of the lighted tree in front of Town Hall.
  • Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers
    Always popular during any time of the year and especially during the holiday season, this jewel of a jewelry shop has been in business since 1976 maintaining a level of personal service  and artistic skill that could be called "Historic" and no longer found in many similar shops. 
  • Hawthorne House
    Located on Mill Street is the "Historic" shop that due to their personal services and quality are a consistent winner of the Bride's Choice Awards, Hawthorne House is another popular shop during the holiday season with their fine paper products, pens, and other fine writing instruments.
  • Elements
    Located on Mill Street, this small shop offers surprising and offbeat items to delight and amuse yourself and your friends and is a frequent winner of the stocking stuffer set.
  • Labella Bridal and Consignment Boutique
    Located not far from Elements, the Labella Bridal Boutique is another winner of the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Awards due to their quality and service of "historic" standards not often found in other places.
  • The Blue Arbor Cafe
  • The Blue Arbor offers specialty sandwiches, fresh salads, soups & sweets and being situated in the heart of Historic Occoquan offers a brief respite during those intense shopping excursions.
  • The Golden Goose
    It is forever Christmas at the Golden Goose located at the corner of Mill and Union Streets.  This shop is wonderous to walk through.
  • The Town of Occoquan Tree Lighting
    This was actually taken mere moments before the tree was lit up.  It always attracts friendly crowds and is a place where fond memories can be made.
  • The Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe
    Speaking of fond memories, the Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe has wine tastings of simply the best of Virginia Wine.  Located on Mill Street not far from Town Hall, some of the best of the best Virginia wine can be gotten here.
  • Glory Be
    The chair in this picture was painted by gifted artist Marla Cook and was gone shortly after the picture was taken.  But Marla is still there and there are more chairs... The shop is a wonder of Americana and good conversations and fabulous gifts.
  • Kelly's Art Box
    This is a beautiful and unique tree ornament held up by it's creator, Kelly Campbell.  Located on Mill Street across from Glory Be, Kelly's Art Box is filled with unique, one of a kind, crafted art.
  • River Walk Shops
    A variety of unique shops are located in the River Walk Shops and offer opportunities too varied to discuss here.
  • The Lighted Tree
    The tree was so beautiful that another picture is included here.
  • Glory Be
    Another picture from within Glory Be and the Candy Canes are delicious.
  • International Gift and Boutique
    Located on Poplar Alley, the IGB has gifts direct from Europe!  Really!  Two pictures are included here one of a wreath and the other of candle holders which you can't get from any other shops in the area.
  • Garden Kitchen
    With an entrance on Mill Street, the GK offers indoor and outdoor seating as well as a variety of menu items including their famous pies.
  • Annual Christmas Decoration
    Every year since HistoricOccoquan.com first came online the picture of my Christmas Tree and it's lone ornament has been put online.  This year it's on the masthead.
  • The Coffee House of Occoquan
    After a full day of shopping, a Hot Chocolate from the Coffee House is a very nice way to treat yourself at the end of the day.  Especially when the weather is cold.



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