Historic Occoquan Historic Town

Save the Prince William County Visitor Center 

Your help is so needed in this desperate effort!


How you can help -

Send e-mails to the

Demand that the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) reinstate funding for the Prince William County Visitor Center located in Historic Occoquan.    At the September meeting, the board failed to provide permanent funding.  Interim funding was provided with the future of the center still in doubt.

Show up in person at the Convention and Visitor Bureau meeting scheduled for October 26, 2015 in the James J McCoart Administration Building, Occoquan Room.  Citizens' time begins at 17:30 Hours (5:30 PM).  This is your opportunity to let the CVB know how important this Visitor Center is to you!

See the mistakes that make it impossible to find Historic Occoquan let alone the Prince William County Visitor Center in the CVB's 2015-216 Visitor's Guide, Discover Prince William & Manassas Virginia

  • Historic Occoquan is on the Occoquan River, not the Potomac River as shown on page 9
  • That is not a picture of Lake Ridge Park on the top right of page 12, that is really a picture of Historic Occoquan
  • The exit to get off Interstate 95 to go to Historic Occoquan is exit 160, not exit 150 as listed on page 30

On the Virginia.org site, see the issues there with listings of shops that no longer exist and days stated as closed, when the Visitor Center is actually opened...


For those who do manage to find it, The Prince William County Visitors Center serves all of Prince William County and surrounding areas with

  • Friendly staff that greet you
    • A knowledgeable expert who can save you time and provide you exactly the information that you request
    • Saving you time to get to where you really want to go
  • Free brochures
  • Free directions and referrals to
    • Local Hotels
    • Local Restaurants
    • Area attractions
    • Historic sites, and
    • Local retail businesses and shops.

In these difficult economic times losing this facility will not only have an impact on your ability to learn about Historic Occoquan and the local hotels, sites, and surrounding area, it will also have an adverse effect on businesses and attractions in Prince William County! 

In the last year, over 18,000 people walked into the Visitor Center.  Yet, due to a shortage of $45,000, this Visitor Center was scheduled to be closed on 02 August 2015 but this has been pushed back due to public outcry till the end of January 2016.

No matter where you live, show your support and write these representatives! 

If you do live in the area, come visit the Visitor Center now!  Make sure that your visit counts!  See this quaint place before it too becomes lost and a part of history that we may never see again.

If you are a business, local or not, and would like to show your support for this effort and have your business graphic displayed on the right, please send you graphic to webmaster@historicoccoquan.com.  If you would like to have the graphic link to your website, please provide that information too.